About LSPR Nigeria

LSPR Nigeria is a franchise of the prestigious London School of Public Relations. Much like the parent body, LSPR Nigeria continues to uphold the sound level of training and tutoring clients to become professionals in the public relations field.


Story of LSPR; The Timeline


Mr John Dalton, founder and director of LSPR, ended his editor role at a medical journal, Current Opinion in Gastroenterology, to buy a publishing school. When the need for PR for his school arrived, he enrolled in some PR courses and realized a PR training institution market gap.


LSPR developed and introduced hybrid training that combined elements of management consultancy with more traditional aspects of training. An approach that is very popular with clients and is one of LSPR’s unique value propositions.


LSPR was born to breach the gap and provide quality and practical communications and branding knowledge. John launched the LSPR Diploma as an umbrella education for all PR professionals.


With a presence in over 15 countries, LSPR launched the program Development of Communication Skills.


LSPR became the first training organisation in the UK to formally teach reputation management to PR and communications professionals. LSPR started the franchise with its diplomas and soon became a leader in the field of PR education.


LSPR Nigeria franchise was launched, delivering the same signature PR and reputation management course through fully virtual classes.


Years of Excellence





Our Capabilities

Strategic Thinking

The ability to think strategically to drive organisational development is now more important than ever. Disruption and automation are shaping the new ... Read Less

Crisis Management

LSPR has advised and trained many multinationals on risk, issue and crisis management. We focus on the importance of these as part of pre-crisis planning... Read Less

Digital Influence

Digital and social communications is the new normal. Many organisations still struggle with reach and generating the right level of brand engagement. Understanding what... Read Less

Public Relation and Reputation

We develop our clients' core PR and reputational abilities to help them remain competitive. We are good at explaining and guiding them to the best PR tool... Read Less

Rapid Learning

We know that it is important to optimize our client's time during training. The structure and delivery of our courses allow fast learning. Each course is interactive, practical... Read Less

Hybrid Training

LSPR pioneered hybrid training by combining practical elements of management consultancy with more traditional training elements. This form of training creates a dynamic... Read Less

Meet The LSPR Leads


John Dalton

CEO of LSPR Global

John Dalton BSC, CBIOL, MSB, FITOL is a recognised authority on reputation management, leadership and impression management. He has further specialisms in risk, issue and crisis management.

With a background as a biochemist and Chartered Biologist, John's rigorous approach has attracted many to his evidence-based, holistic approach to public relations, communications and reputation management.

Susan Croft

Co-Founder of LSPR

Susan is a co-founder and Executive Director of Skill-Pill Mobile Learning, a start-up company based in London and offering mobile learning and information solutions to businesses.

Susan is responsible for product development and international marketing for the company. Susan is a member of the Advisory Board of the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) and has helped shape the structure and focus of the school's Diploma programmes as well as train on the LSPR ITOL-Approved Diploma course.